The Tough Solid Photopolymer Plate
AFPTM- TH/DTH is a robust, solvent-wash photopolymer plate with a strengthened polymer structure based on Asahi’s proprietary polymer technology. This plate achieves excellent printing quality in even the toughest flexographic printing environments and with highly abrasive substrates. The plate is available for either analogue (TH) or digital (DTH) systems.
In platemaking and printing, the AFPTM-TH/DTH plate can be relied on for:
  • Excellent performance during long-run printing due to their intensified mechanical strength and exceptional chipping and abrasion resistance. 

  • Maintaining stable plate quality even after long-term storage. 

  • A cleaner print result due to low surface tackiness. 

  • Balanced printing quality for highlights, solids, small text and reverse text.
  • Ideal for use with flexible packaging materials, film, paper and label substrates.